Youth (SNP)

The Salt and Pepper (SNP) Youth Ministry seeks to reach out to youth to nurture, challenge and encourage them as they discover the joy of a personal relationship with Christ. We consist of youth in the age range of 13 to 21, and we are led by a team of leaders who are dedicated to discipling our youth through mentoring and lessons on engaging with the bible.

SNP also holds outreach programmes, during which our members can invite their non-Christian friends to learn about the gospel. In addition, we have fun activities and games for bonding and outings which help us to build unity and long-lasting friendships with each other.

Those who are keen to join SNP or if you would love to serve with us, please contact Becky at 64495344. We meet on Saturdays at various locations at 5-8pm. 

Youth Alpha 2019
We praise God for a successful run of youth alpha. We explored our faith through games, food and videos, while introducing a few non-believers to the joy of knowing Jesus.

We will be continuing our journey to root ourselves in God’s word through the Gospel Project, starting on the 14th of September.