Christianity originated with Jesus Christ. The first Church or Christian Group was started with Jesus leading His 12 disciples. The disciples gave of themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord’s service and were from different social status and occupations. However, they shared one thing in common – the singular commitment to their calling.

29 of our contemporaries shared the same commitment to the cause of Christian outreach when they, led by Pastor Nelson, became the first members of Bedok Lutheran Church. Like the first followers of Jesus Christ, they were spurred by a common vision and unified by a common spirit of service to the Lord. They set their minds and hearts to answering the Great Commission in Bedok, unhindered by their varied backgrounds and occupations.

June 1977
Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore (LCMS) appointed a committee to plan & discuss in starting a congregation in Bedok.

July 1978
Pastor and Mrs John T. Nelson arrived in Singapore, having assigned by the Lutheran Church to the new work in Bedok.

1 November 1978
The church rented No. 1 Jalan Tanjong to serve as a centre for the work.

12 November 1978
The first meeting was held. David Wang led 25 worshippers in that Thanksgiving Service with Pastor Nelson preaching the sermon.

27 May 1979
The first church council was elected.

August 1979
Tender was accepted by H.D.B. to build a church in Bedok.

1 May 1980
A service was held to bless the church site and to break ground for the building.

September 1981
First worship service held in the new building.

31 October 1981
The new church building was dedicated by Bishop Peter Foong.