Celebration of Hope 2019: The Andrew Initiative (JOHN 1:40-41)

Evangelism is a clear proclamation, that Jesus Christ is the salvation for the world, a gift of God’s grace and mercy. God calls us, His children, to respond with humility through prayer and with hunger for precious souls. Members are to respond by:

1. Invite your pre-believer friends and family members to the Celebration of Hope at the National Stadium on 17 to 19 May 2019. God will open their hearts to receive and believe His message.

2. Pledge your dedications to pray regularly for their attendance by completing two “Andrew Initiative” cards. Pin one on the board located outside Sanctuary and keep the other card to continue to pray for them.

The cards and pamphlets are available on the Admin Table.
How to reserve your tickets (from 21 Jan ‘19 onwards):
1. Download “Celebration of Hope” app from Apple App store or Google Play Store
2. Register with your name, mobile no. and email address
3. Reserve your tickets on the app (max of 8 tickets per session)

How to confirm your tickets (10 Apr ‘19 to 23 Apr ‘19):
1. Log in to the app with your email address
2. Confirm your tickets by filling in the name of your guest, and clicking on the “confirm” button by 23 Apr’19.
3. Receive your tickets in the app. E-tickets will also be sent to your registered email address.